1-on-1 to coaching is the deepest level of support & guidance I offer. I am with you every step of the way. Available by application only and limited spaces. 

Complete the application link below. All of your information is kept confidential. And yes, I personal review each application.

If you are a possible fit to work together, you will receive an email reply within two business days with the next steps in the application process. 

— Jeffrey
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If you are a right fit for me to take you on as a client, how able and willing are you to invest (time, energy, finances) in your personal development right now? *

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Thank you for your application. I honor your courage in taking the first step to creating the life you truly want. And I am looking forward to seeing if or how I can support you in creating the powerful results you want. You will receive an email reply within 2 business days to outline the next steps in moving forward.

Love and respect,

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