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If you were to look back, 3 years from now, and say “Investing in coaching was one of the best decisions in my life.” What has to have happened — both personally and professionally — for you to feel thrilled with your progress? *

If you wind up being disappointed with your results, why will that be? How are you currently getting in your own way? (e.g., unhealthy relationships, recurring problems, limiting beliefs, poor habits, disorganization, etc.) *

The point of this question is that we KNOW, in advance, exactly why we are going to fail at some it’s useful to write that reason down BEFORE the endeavor so we can eliminate that reason for you now and allow you the freedom to achieve what you choose to achieve.)
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What other mentors or coaches have you worked with? What had you stop working with them? What other personal growth programs have you done? And, more importantly, what lessons have you learned? *

How much have you invested in your own personal growth in the past 12 months? *

If you are a right fit for me to take you on as a client, how able and willing are you to invest (time, energy, finances) in your personal development right now? Why now? *

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Thank you for your application. I honor your courage in taking the first step to creating the life you truly want. And I am looking forward to seeing if or how I can support you in creating the powerful results you want. You will receive an email reply within 2 business days to outline the next steps in moving forward.

Love and respect,

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